About Us

Founded by Vicki Salemi, career expert, author, columnist, media consultant and oh yeah, Ph.D. holder in caregiving from the school of hard knocks. 

I realized how ridiculously isolating, arduous, stressful, intense, emotionally draining, financially overwhelming and all of the above was absolutely consuming taking care of my mother's situation in another state while attempting to run my life and business (or at least resemble it). 

I needed to connect with modern caregivers for resources, community and to put our oxygen masks on first...so I created one! 

No one chooses to be a caregiver. We wish we could UNchoose it! But we can't. It's simply not optional.

We're the uncaregiver, a tribe devoted to feeling less isolated, stressed, sad, overwhelmed & sleep deprived during this challenging, dark chapter. 

Time to take care of YOU. We've got your back!